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    Induction seal

    2pc induction foil seal

    2pc induction foil seal

    Induction foil liner is a material sealed by non-contact heating process that accomplishes the hermetic sealing of container with closure that includes a heat sealable foil laminate inside of theclosure.

    It is composed of a layer of pulpboard or foam, a layer of wax, aluminum foil and a layer of heat sealable polymer that is adaptable with bottle material.

    This type of innerseal, which, leaves a pulpboard or foam liner inside cap after opened, It is normally used when a product to be required to leave some type of secondary seal in the cap, to prevent leakage, after induction seal has been removed. It also can be custom printed with customer' logo, trademark like one piece liner.

    Induction seal

    The structure of 2pc induction seal


    The structure of 2pc induction seal




    Backing is provides the compressibility necessary to attain a seal and the rigidity required to retain the liner in the closure. It will be separates from foil facing when closure is removal. Backing is made of pulpboard of varying grades and thickness or polymeric “barrier backing” materials.



    Wax layer 

    Wax is temporarily bonds the pulp backing to the foil facing. When heated by the induction heat sealer, the wax is absorbed into the backing.



    Aluminum foil 

    Aluminum foil is provides oxygen and moisture barriers. The foil may also provide tamper evidence and branding opportunities



    Seal layer

    Polymeric films and/or coatings are added for barrier, chemical resistance and heat sealing purposes and performance characteristics

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