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    Induction seal

    Induction sealing technology

    Induction sealing techonolgy 


    Induction Cap sealing system is non-contact sealing one using a high frequency to bond to a container.

    (Induction sealing process)
    Induction sealing is to prevent leakage of contents from plastic and glass bottle. The cap is supplied with foil liner inserted, and the bottle is filled and capped in packaging operation. The capped bottle passes under the sealing head at speed up 200 feet. A high frequency induced by sealing head heats only the foil liner, penetrate the cap and heat foil layer rapidly melting a polymer coating which forms a hermetic seal with the lip of bottle.

    Induction seal

    The advantage of induction sealing

    The advantage of induction sealing 


    01. It shows tamper evidence.


    02. Prevent leak of product during handling and storage.


    03. Provides a good oxygen barrier.  Improving shelf life of products.


    04. Enhance customer confidence.


    Best technology

    We believe that the development of new technology is the growth of the company, and we believe that it is going to be more and more.
    We're constantly innovating to move on and on.

    Best quality

    We always develop and study for the best quality products. 
    The best technicians work hard to make.

    Order-making system

    Our business is the best parts with the very best

    in quality based on technology.


    100% made to order. We will always do our best to satisfy you. 

    Friendly consultation


    We listen to our customers and always try to develop. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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